Sample Story

So I went to boot camp in Minneapolis, like I said before, and then to Camp Farragut, Idaho. I knew that area a little bit, because I had been at Boeing Aircraft in Seattle. First there was Farragut and then there was Aviation machinist school in Norman, Oklahoma. That’s where Oklahoma State University is. I… Continue reading Sample Story

Our Process

First, we listen carefully, and arrange to meet with you initially for a free consultation. If you want to take the next step… We record your story – on audio tape or video/ DVD. Optionally, we produce a transcript of the interview, and edit it for continuity and clarity – without losing the “voice” of… Continue reading Our Process

Why Tell Your Story?

Give your story to a grandchild

Your story is entirely unique; your story is the only story of its kind on earth. Really. Your story may even surprise you as you tell it. Your story will be passed down from generation to generation, and your children and their grandchildren will never be without a record of their heritage. In addition to… Continue reading Why Tell Your Story?

Packages and Costs

Did your ancestors have an immigrant story?

We work creatively to preserve your story with: In-person or Phone/Skype Interviews Your project can be as small as an interview transcript. Additional editing, the addition of photos, book design, and cover design can be added on as services for a fully-realized professional book product. Interviews are held at a comfortable location, often in your… Continue reading Packages and Costs